About The Dossier (Reloaded)

The Dossier (Reloaded) is a collection of documents about a notorious recluse and reprobate: Mark Selby, aka Dr Mark, aka the love child of {name withheld}. At one time he worked as an academic researcher and chemistry teacher at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane Queensland. He may have once answered to the name of Uncle Fester.

His current whereabouts are unknown. There have been sightings, but none confirmed. If you see this person approach with caution. All sightings should be reported to this website under Contact.

This man (if indeed he is a man) is a suspected anarchist, at least he is suspected of having anarchist thoughts. It is known that whilst at QUT he openly encouraged his students to think for themselves and to be critical. He even challenged students to disagree with the teachings of their textbooks. Even a well-known Analytical Chemistry textbook in its 10th edition!

Points supporting that this man is an anarchist:

    • back in the 1990s he drew wonky freehand straight lines on the overhead projector (OHP) during lectures – anarchists can’t draw straight-lines because they don’t use rulers;
    • copies of these same wonky OHPs were reproduced in PowerPoint slides for lectures after 2000.;
    • he was known to favor herbal and green teas during one period of his life, anarchists don’t drink proper-tea because property is theft!

This is known, read any book on Anarchy (e.g., by Proudhon). The evidence speaks for itself.

Furthermore, this man is suspected of being a perfectionist, a condition that affects many academics and former academics. Though he may be trying to improve.

Though you are warned not to approach this person, if you’re accosted by him the best way to distract him is with a pedantic argument. This has been known to render him temporarily apoplectic. For instance,  “Principle Components Analysis” instead of “Principal Components Analysis.”  A well-placed split infinitive might work as well. Too many years correcting student papers has addled his brain.

Another way to annoy him is to remind him of an incident that occurred shortly after he started at QUT and was a much younger man.  A student had used a sharp pen to etch the following into the top surface of a desk in a tutorial room:

Selby is the love child of … {name of staff member}
unknown student

It just so happened that later he sat at the self-same desk during a staff meeting held in this room. The room itself (and the desk) was demolished decades ago. While it was there at E-block, Garden’s Point QUT, the defaced desk was a slient witness to the importance  of carving out your own identity and reputation.

Last I heard he was trying to be an entrepreneur and fund a startup. Though I didn’t think he even knows how to spell “entrepreneur.”

Two words were his inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur dead wood. That’s what his former employer told him. Though not directly, he had to read it in the local newspaper.

BTW: how do you know is someone is an entrepreneur? Answer: don’t worry they’ll tell you.


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