About these pages

The Dossier is a collection of documents about teaching methodolgy and innovations that I’ve worked on over my years at Queensland University of Technolgy (QUT).  Most of this work hasn’t ever been published before so I’m freely and openly placing it here for the benefit of the STEM academics, educators and learning designers worldwide.

I gladly acknowledge QUT for allowing me to participate in this work for so many years. I’m also indebted to many people, please see under my acknowledgements below. The best way to express my thanks to QUT, and everyone who has helped me along the way,  is to make this work it available under a Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

The Blog concerns, mainly, news, ideas and iniatives I’ve been working on since leaving QUT. In particular, my efforts to combine: (i)  my practical skills from designing, building and developing applications for scientific instruments, from my early years, both as a postdoc at Indiana University and working with Agilent-Varian; (ii) my extensive academic and educational experiences at QUT; as well as (iii) my newly acquired skills and abilities in a number of diverse areas in the last few years.

The Blog posts are licensed under the same Creative Commons license. For enquiries about commercial use of this work please use the Contact page,

About Me

I have 30+ years of experience working as an academic, scientist and educator. After finishing my Ph.D. (Chemistry) at the University of NSW (Sydney), I did a postdoc at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), then worked for several years as a research scientist for Agilent Technologies (at a time when it was “Varian Techtron”) in Springvale (outer suburban Melbourne). I then moved to Brisbane where I worked as an academic for 28 years at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Of all the things I’ve done in 30+ years being an educator has been the most satisfying and meaningful to me. This despite having been part of the team which won an IR100 award for developing one of the worlds-best 100 new technologies in 1986, having several patents and numerous scientific publications. Being an educator is where I want to spend this side of my working life. Even if it means eating lot’s of beans, lentils and shopping at St Vinnies (to paraphrase a former colleague of mine). Throughout all this, my dearest wife Linda has been my constant friend and partner, whom I’m still madly in love with.


I’m indebted to many people in the Enviromental Technology discipline at QUT for their support, including, Professor Godwin Ayoko, Associate Professor Eric Waclawik, Dr Wayde Martens and many others. In addition, I’ve benefited from many discusions with both Karen Whelan, the Associate Dean of the Science and Engineering, QUT, and Jillian Rowe, a Learning and Teaching Consultant, Griffith University, over very many years (ca.. 15 if I remember correctly).

I’m particularly indebted to Dr Graeme George and Dr Al Grenfell for cultivating my interest and early work in STEM education using learning technology. Their leadship and mentoring has left a life-long impression on me.

Note: the landing page video loop* is intended to illustrate freedom of place, time and pace of learning for individual students.

* Wayne Jimmerson, “Coffee Shop Tablet”, YouTube video; Uploaded 9th November 2014;  Accessed 13th August 2018. Believed to be in the public domain.

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