About ‘The Dossier’

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Dossier is a collection of documents about a notorious recluse and reprobate: Mark Selby, aka Dr Mark, aka the love child of {name withheld}. At one time he worked as an academic researcher and chemistry teacher at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane Queensland. He may have once answered to the name of Uncle Fester.

His current whereabouts are unknown. There have been sightings, but none confirmed. All sightings should be reported to this website under Contact.

This man is a suspected anarchist. It is known that whilst at QUT he openly encouraged his students to think for themselves and to be critical.

Last I heard he was trying to be an entrepreneur and fund a startup. Though I don’t think he even knows how to spell “entrepreneur.”

A single word was his inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur: “deadwood.  That’s what his former employer told him. Though not directly, he had to read it in the local newspaper.

Question: how do you know someone is an entrepreneur? Answer: don’t worry they’ll tell you.

BTW:  I hope you have realised by now that everything written above is satirical.

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