About ‘The Dossier’

Please excuse my mess as I try to transform these pages from a personal blog into a professional website for my Consulting and Research business.


  • STEM Teaching
  • Using Technology with Teaching


  • Chemical Instrumentation, optical design and ray tracing

Freelance Writing:

  • Writing technical documents
  • Writing articles popularising science and science in history

About Mark Selby

Last I heard he was trying to be an entrepreneur and fund a startup. Though I don’t think he even knows how to spell “entrepreneur.”

A single word was his inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur: “deadwood.  That’s what his former employer told him. Though not directly, he had to read it in the local newspaper.

Question: how do you know someone is an entrepreneur? Answer: don’t worry they’ll tell you.

BTW:  I hope you have realised by now that everything written above is satirical.

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